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-On Marx-


Masters of Money: Marx (60m)

“BBC Economics Editor Stephanie Flanders examines one of the most revolutionary and controversial thinkers of all. Karl Marx's ideas left an indelible stamp on the lives of billions of people and the world we live in today. As the global financial crisis continues on its destructive path, some are starting to wonder if he was right… Stephanie […] asks what answers does Marx provide to the mess we are all in today.”


Marx's Theory of Economic Crisis by Cliff Bowman (10m)


Contemporary debates about class as a concept, capitalism and socialism

A series of texts by Erik Olin Wright 

A text by Yanis Varoufakis 



-On Education-


The Joy of Stats (60m)

“Hans Rosling says there’s nothing boring about stats, and then goes on to prove it. A one-hour long documentary produced by Wingspan Productions and broadcast by BBC, 2010”. Executive Producer: Archie Baron. ©Wingspan Productions for BBC, 2010 Hans Rosling.


Interview with James Heckman: Early Interventions Lead To Higher IQs (20m)

 “Nobel Laureate James Heckman explains why the years between birth to preschool are crucial in helping to boost IQ scores, enhancing overall educational standards, and therefore improving the economic future of the less advantaged amongst us”. INET economics.


-On Poverty-


New Insights on Poverty  (19m)

“Researcher Hans Rosling uses his cool data tools to show how countries are pulling themselves out of poverty. He demos Dollar Street, comparing households of varying income levels worldwide. Then he does something really amazing.”


New Thoughts on Capital in the Twenty-First Century  (21m)

“French economist Thomas Piketty caused a sensation in early 2014 with his book on a simple, brutal formula explaining economic inequality: r > g (meaning that return on capital is generally higher than economic growth). Here, he talks through the massive data set that led him to conclude: Economic inequality is not new, but it is getting worse, with radical possible impacts.”


-On Gender-


Do Women earn less than men? (4min)


Television’s Impact on the Status of Women in India (10m)

“Emily Oster, Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Department of Economics, talks about her research on the impact of television on women in rural”.


-On Race-


Minding the racial wage gap (10m)

“Kerwin Kofi Charles, Steans Family Professor at the University Of Chicago Harris School Of Public Policy, speaks on research conducted by him and Jonathan Guryan on the Role of prejudice in black wages.”


Changing Race by Changing Clothes (2m)

“An interdisciplinary team of researchers from Tufts University, Stanford University and the University of California, Irvine has found that the perception of race can be altered by cues to social status as simple as the clothes a person wears. Far from being a straightforward "read out" of facial features, say the researchers, racial categorization represents a complex and subtle process powerfully shaped by context and the stereotypes and prejudices we already hold”.


Eye of the Storm (26m)

"This documentary explores the nature of prejudice in a dramatic third-grade classroom experiment conducted in a small Midwestern town, a town without ghettos, blacks, or campus unrest. It demonstrates how quickly wholesome, friendly schoolchildren can be infected with the ugly virus of discrimination that leads to frustration, broken friendships, and vicious behavior. Host and narrator is Bill Buetel of ABC News"


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